• Understanding dyslexia in Chinese
    Gæsteforelæsning ved Connie Huk San Ho, professor ved University of Hong Kong den 27. september


  • The influence of connectives on young readers’ processing and comprehension of text
    Dr. Kate Cain gæsteforelæste fredag den 25. februar 2011 kl. 14.00-16 om læseforståelse


  • The Society for the Scientific Study of Reading afholdt i juli 2011 sin 18. årlige konference i Florida.
    Center for Læseforskning deltog med disse foredrag:

The predictive validity of dynamic measures of acquisition of reading fluency and vocabulary – a longitudinal study of children from grade 3 to 4. Af Anna Gellert og Carsten Elbro.

The amount of independent reading predicts gains in word reading fluency during first grade. Anne-Mette Veber Nielsen og Holger Juul.

From accurate to fluent word reading – in how many days? A new approach to early reading development. Af Holger Juul, Carsten Elbro og Mads Poulsen.

Lexical access and letter access are involved in different aspects of reading in Grade 5. Af Mads Poulsen.

From “w..aa..ss” to “woz”. A second step in word decoding? Af Carsten Elbro, Peter F. de Jong og Anne-Mette V. Nielsen.



  • The Society for the Scientific Study of Reading afholdt i juli sin 17. årlige konference i Berlin.
    Følgende abstracts blev indsendt fra Center for Læseforskning:

Effects of inference training on 6th graders’ reading comprehension.
Af Ida Buch-Iversen og Carsten Elbro.

Dyslexia in a second language? A dynamic test of reading acquisition may provide the answer. Af Carsten Elbro, Hanne T. Daugaard og Anna S. Gellert.

Dynamic measures of acquisition of reading fluency and vocabulary. A study of their validity. Af Anna Gellert og Carsten Elbro.

Does ability to establish symbol-sound pairings mediate the RAN-reading relationship? Af Mads Poulsen, Holger Juul og Carsten Elbro.

  • Development of sight word reading
    Gæsteforelæsning ved dr. Peter de Jong, Amsterdams universitet den 4. februar 2010


Fra Center for Læseforskning deltog Carsten Elbro, Mads Poulsen og Anna Gellert. Se deres konferencebidrag her:

Reading comprehension: contributions from size and semantic organisation of the mental lexicon. Præsentation af Dorthe Klint Petersen og Carsten Elbro. (pdf)

The contribution of lexical access speed to RAN and reading. Poster af Mads Poulsen og Carsten Elbro. (pdf)

Reading comprehension tests: Exploring the roles of format and task demands. Poster af Anna Gellert og Carsten Elbro. (pdf